Demo Reel

Over the course of my career I have had the opportunity to work with many extremely talented artists throughout the music industry. My demo reel is here to give you an idea of the sound you can expect from the work that I do. Please keep in mind that these are MP3 files streaming over the internet so they are not exactly Hi-Fidelity examples. Enjoy!



A Few of the People I Have Worked With:


For a partial list of credits elsewhere Click Here for My AllMusic Credits

About Me

Music has always been an important part of my life and always will be. As a musician, I started at an early age learning to play piano, then drums, and finally guitar. I earned a degree in Production and Technology from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, and during my final semester of college, I interned at Dark Horse Recording Studio in Franklin, TN and had the opportunity to work with many notable audio engineers and artists. After graduation, I accepted the position of Head Engineer for Dark Horse Recording, where I honed my skills as a recording and mixing engineer for some of the top artists in the music business. With 10 years of professional experience under my belt, I have moved on from Dark Horse to pursue freelance engineering work. I have my own editing/mixing suite in Nashville, TN and am available for any of your engineering or production needs.


Pro Audio Repairs

In addition to my experience as an audio engineer I have also gained very strong skills as a technician for repairing pro audio equipment. I have also done many different studio wiring installations with everything from patchbays to mic panels. I believe that getting your equipment repaired should be a pain free process that doesnt make you feel like you have to decide whether or not something is worth fixing or not. I strive to be affordable and provide long-lasting repairs. In keeping with this theme I dont charge a bench fee, I dont have minimum charges, and often times I can pick up a broken piece of gear and then bring it back to you repaired (within the Nashville Area).
Some of the manufacturers gear that I have repaired are:

  • Amek
  • Audio Technica
  • API
  • Brent Averill & BAE
  • Daking
  • Formula Sound
  • Lexicon
  • Sony
  • SSL
  • Toft
  • Trident
  • Tube-Tech
  • Universal Audio
  • Vintech

If you have a piece of gear or a console in need of a little TLC I can certainly help you out, just give me a call or send me an email. Jobs in the Nashville area will be the easiest logistically of course but we could certainly work out something with shipping or travel that is still very affordable.

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Phone 615.429.6133


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